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Nice to meet you! I'm Doctor Hiro from Konohana Town. I am currently practicing medicine in Harmonica Town where I live with my husband, the Wizard. If you are ill or injured, please do not hesitate to ask for my assistance!

by meltingfondue


Toby followed after the shorter doctor towards the clinic. Granted he hasn’t been there much, despite spending more time here than he did anywhere else. “Ah, I’m more of a wanderer, and I come through town every now and then.” He gave a smile at that. “My name’s Toby. I stay at the fishery occasionally when I need to stay in town.” His headfins wiggle a bit.

"Oh, I see," he replied, fixated on the wriggling fins atop Toby’s head.  He quickly caught himself and shifted his gaze; it would be rude of him to stare.  "It’s a pleasure to meet you, Toby.  I do hope you enjoy your stay here.  I recently moved here from another town and I’ve found it a splendid place to live thus far."  As they arrived at the clinic, Hiro held the door open for his guest and motioned for him to enter.

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▷ @Hiro || Baby get!


He still couldn’t quite believe it.

When he had woken up, he had expected the previous night to have been a crazy dream. Perhaps he was expecting everything to be a dream; the body-changing spell, the baby, even his own wedding.

And yet here he was, cradling a little baby girl in his arms. She was soft and her face looked squished; did all babies look like giant raisins? He was unsure how to feel, but one thing he knew for sure is that he adored this tiny cooing raisin and that his life would be vastly more interesting now. Less than a year ago this tiny life didn’t exist, and yet now she does. The thought seemed endlessly strange to the wizard, how something could not exist and then suddenly become a reality. In his many years of life, he never imagined anything like this…

"Chihiro," he said simply, still laying in bed and petting the child softly. Looking towards Hiro, the wizard had an almost surprised look on his face. "I have a baby."

Shortly after the childbirth had taken place, Gale fell asleep from exhaustion.  Hiro silently watched over his family, nervously checking the baby’s breathing and pulse every few minutes.  Although she hadn’t been alive for even a full day, Hiro couldn’t help but worry about his new daughter’s health.

As Gale finally woke up, Hiro kissed him on the cheek and smiled warmly.  He chuckled at his husband’s statement, gently grasping one of the child’s tiny hands between his thumb and forefinger.  “We do,” he said, cuddling closer to Gale and his baby.

"I have been thinking of names for quite a while, but I can’t seem to come to a decision…do you have anything in mind?"

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classy as heck

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"Ah.. a bit I think," he said, sitting still so the kind stranger could get the hook out. "Thank you very much. I don’t really know what happened, I was just trying to get my pole prepped, and it must have swung a bit too much and got caught." He tilted his head slightly. "Is that what..?" He stood up a bit, brushing off. "That’d be awfully kind of you. I’d greatly appreciate it." he said with a small smile.

Hiro decided to ignore the fins for now.  “It is no problem at all; in fact, it’s my job,” he replied as he began to lead Toby to the clinic.  “I have been working at the clinic in this town for a little while now,” he explained.  The doctor turned to face his new acquaintance.  “My name is Hiro.  I don’t believe I have seen you around here before - may I ask your name?”

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"Ow—! Oh gosh I ah-.. I seem to have gotten my hook caught on one of my fins.. A little help..?"

"Oh dear, are you hurt?  Let me get that for you-"  Hiro gently pulled the fishing hook out of Toby’s…fin?  "Is that a…?  Anyway, I would recommend putting some medicine on this wound to prevent infection.  I can help you out at the clinic if you’d like to come along."

so i saw this shirt in an episode of steven universe and i couldn’t resist

▷ An Unexpected Visitor || doctorhiro


She drummed her nails on the table, producing an unsettling clacking noise. A grin pulled at her lips. “Ah, perfect! It seems there won’t be unnecessary hex testing today!” she cackled, leaping up and snatching it before he could change his mind.

She frowned. “What was that…?” she hissed, bringing her face close to his, fixing his eyes with a glare.

Hiro let out a sigh of relief as the witch proclaimed that he would not be subject to her spells.  With a pout, he allowed her to take the fugue mushroom from his hands.

"I-it’s just— Wizard is going to be disappointed about not getting his mushroom," he said, looking away to avoid eye contact.  "I hate to let him down like this after coming all the way out here."

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"Good afternoon Dr. Hiro!" Muffy smiled brightly, silently thanking him for his courtesy of allowing her in. "I wanted to ask you something, actually." Waiting a moment, she continued once she gathered her thoughts. "Are you working out of Castanet now?"

Hiro followed Muffy back into the house, shutting the door behind them.  “Would you care for a cup of tea?” he suggested, motioning to the freshly-brewed pot of tea on the stove.

"Yes, my position at the clinic here has become permanent, since I live in this town now."

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In the duration of the afternoon, Muffy approached the Wizard's house and knocked gently on the door. She was hoping Hiro would be present... but if not, she would just leave Wizard with a message for him.

Hiro was enjoying a relaxing afternoon at home, reading a book and sipping some tea, when he heard a knock at the door.  After marking his place, he put down his book and approached the front door, curious as to who was here to visit.

"Oh, Muffy!  Good afternoon," he greeted her with a friendly smile.  "What brings you here today?"  He opened the door and motioned for her to enter the house.

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▷ An Unexpected Visitor || doctorhiro


Her nails dug into her thighs. The baby-faced man intended to tote the mushrooms back home to Wizard?! How could this be? “Yes, yes, we, ahem, know each other, rather unfortunately,” she mumbled, “but what business do you have with him? Why are you bringing him the mushrooms? This is my forest! You have no right to pillage my things!” She abruptly stood at the end of her rave, her fingertips sparking dangerously. She’d have to scorch his stupid face right off if she found him running errands for that wizard again… Tch, to think Gale would sink to such lowly things like swindling boys into performing tasks for him. Even she wouldn’t do that! … Okay, perhaps, but she already had plenty of opportunities to do so, and she let them slide.

Unfortunately?  It seemed like the witch and wizard weren’t friends.  Maybe Hiro should have come up with a different story for the mushroom, as his mention of Gale seemed to have worsened the witch’s mood.

Hiro began backing away slowly, afraid of what the witch was planning to do to him if he didn’t hand over the mushroom.  “I-I apologize—  I was under the impression that the forest was public property.  If you want this back, I can give it to you.”  Reluctantly, he reached into his bag and pulled out a single fugue mushroom.  “He’s not going to be happy about this,” he sighed under his breath.